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Why You Should Stop Focusing On Your Goals

What’s stopping you from achieving your goals?

In the internet age of YouTube and other social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram, success isn’t about setting inspiring goals.

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Therapeutic Fasting Made Easy

Below is the easiest way to complete a 24-hour fast:

  1. Eat dinner and write down the time.
  2. Go to sleep.
  3. Wake up and skip breakfast.
  4. Drink plenty of water throughout the day. No food or snacks. 
  5. Skip lunch and continue to drink water. 
  6. Eat dinner at the same time you did the previous night.

Viola!  24 hours has passed.

Do this once a week to lower fasting insulin and blood glucose levels which will help regulate metabolism.

Do this twice a week, on non-consecutive days, for increased weight-loss
along with a number of other health benefits, like a stronger immune system and more consistent energy.

Happy fasting!


Healthy Eating 101: Keep It Simple…

I believe in the KISS Method (Keep It Simple…Stupid) and when healthy eating, there are only two things that make or break your success: strategy and execution.

Unfortunately, strategies are often overcomplicated and overwhelming instead of simplified and easy to follow.

Execution is then stymied because there isn’t a clear cut strategy.

1. I follow a daily intermittent fasting routine (8:16) that works with my schedule.

2. I fill up on lots of healthy fats, proteins, and vegetables to give me a constant stream of energy.

3. I avoid foods that wreak havoc on my digestion (mainly dairy and grains).

Other than that, I eat what I want!

Within these parameters, I’ve found several meals that work to complement my lifestyle, metabolism, gut and goals.

As long as I stick to my principles, I allow myself tons of freedom and regular cheat meals. 

For you, instead of trying to find a meal plan with tons of variety – do the exact opposite.

Find four or five (healthy) meals that you LOVE and can make fairly easily.

Stick to these meals and create variety by changing the little details like the spices, dressings, and type of preparation (steaming, boiling, frying, etc.).

To give you some examples of what I personally eat, here are five meals I make presented with a few options:

1. Egg omelette with…

  • Sausage or bacon
  • Onions, tomatoes, jalepenos and spinach or mixed greens

2. Mixed greens salad with…

  • Salmon, avocado, pickles, olives and olive oil
  • Chicken, avocado, cucumber, carrots and sesame oil

3. Roasted broccoli, cauliflower, and carrots topped with grass- fed butter and…

  • Grass-fed Steak, Organic Chicken or Lamb.

4. Coconut milk smoothie with…

  • Strawberries or mixed berries (or both), dates, protein powder, cashews and coconut oil.

5. Dessert! Dark chocolate (85% cacao) with…

  • Almonds, pecans, walnuts, dates or dried apricots (dried apricots are GREAT for the skin too 🙂 ).
    • Lindt is my favorite brand for chocolate. They have high quality and great tasting chocolate. I always try to get 80% cacao (or higher) for low sugar content.



How Do You Relax?

How do you relax after a long week?




All of these have one thing in common.

Can you guess it?

When you eat a great meal, sip on a cocktail, or do anything else that helps you relax after work on Friday, you always do something very specific: you take a deep breath and EXHALE.

You might not have noticed it, but you probably even make a sound – “ahhhh.”

It’s the same sound beer and soda commercials have been using every time they crack open a cold one.

When you make that sound it means you’re satisfied, content, and most of all RELAXED (at least in that moment).

I say, why wait til Friday to feel relaxed?

No, I’m not telling you to start drinking every day when you get home from work…

Instead, try taking a DEEP breath and let it all out, before you reach for your favorite stimulant.

Every exhale releases tensions in the brain and body, and if you continue exhale slowly, it will only be a matter of seconds before you feel relaxed.

Don’t believe me?

Try it!



Change This to Lose Weight and Keep It off

What is the #1 thing you must change to lose weight and keep it off?


So many people lose weight without altering their metabolism and it usually has a negative effect in the long term.

I’m sure you’ve seen it before…

Someone drops their calories and loses 20lbs but gains back 25lbs a few months later when they go back to their normal diet.

This yoyo effect taxes your hormones, signals your body to STORE fat, and slows down your metabolism in an effort to protect your internal organs.

Don’t make this common mistake.

Change your metabolism by eating the right foods and timing your meals properly.

Don’t know what or when to eat?

Drop me a line and I’ll help you out!       




With the constant improvement of technology, it’s getting easier and easier to avoid pain and frustration.

But are we really any happier as a result?

We don’t admire people who AVOID hardships in life, we admire the exact opposite.

We admire the ones who are courageous enough to ACT IN SPITE OF their fears.

Putting yourself into a smaller and smaller box of security and comfort only serves to INCREASE anxiety and fear in the long term.

There will ALWAYS be surprises, challenges, and scary moments in life — so get used to them.

The only way you will be ready to face these challenges is to voluntarily put yourself in situations that get you out of your COMFORT ZONE.

Remember, there is no courage without fear.

Eat the spider.

Stomp the snake.

Tame the dragon.


Why Don’t New Year’s Resolutions Last?

Why Don’t New Year’s Resolutions Last?


A new calendar year isn’t enough MOTIVATION for you to change a habit.

You need REASONS WHY you are making a change.

In 1895, Friedrich Nietzsche stated, “He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”

What’s going to push you through moments when the old pattern wants to sneak back into your life?

A strong reason WHY will motivate you to follow through on your commitment.

Before making this year’s resolution, ask yourself:

“Why am I making this change?”

If the answer to that question DOESN’T motivate you, ask again until you find a reason that does.